Friday, 7 April 2017 21:45
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HEY GUYS it me

(me is henry)

nothings really happened in our life the past few days aside from archer miserably doing more homework while i do exactly 0% of it (sry archer)! thats what you get when you go to art school with two people who dont care about art. tho i guess in fairness we werent really active when they got accepted so its whatever

uhhh what else

yeah i got nothin. we were looking at more persona stuff earlier and i dont really know much about p5 but the cat looks cute??? very excited to play a video game w/ a talking thief cat. but thats not gonna happen until the end of the semester like six weeks from now URRRGGGHHH

...i realize this is like exactly the same thing the last post is about but our life is literally just that one-note and boring right now... everyone is like sick of it but what comes after is going back to our family's house in NJ and thats gonna be a whole 'nother barrel of monkeys but at least we have a working tv to play games on there??

EDIT: OH and we sent out some emails to get a cosplay commissioned possibly!!! gonna be owain from back home!! fun fun fun. owain is a cool guy

EDIT 2 (by Archer): Also, follow us on tumblr!


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